The Partners in the Firm have represented overseas clients in the manufacturing, investment, technology and service sectors and have considerable experience with overseas companies and individuals wishing to establish business in Nigeria either in partnership with Nigerians or through companies wholly owned by non-Nigerians.

The Firm assists clients in complying with all requirements for running a business in Nigeria such as obtaining business permits and or expatriate quota allocations, certificate of capital importation (formerly approved status) confirming capital inflow, pioneer status where merited, and approval for exemption from incorporation (where foreign entities who do not desire to establish a long term presence in Nigeria are involved in specific Government projects).

With regard to transactions involving foreign nationals wishing to enter into partnership with Nigerians, the Firm assists by representing parties in the negotiation and preparation of Joint Venture Agreements as well as technical and other service contracts.

We have also been involved in advising some of the foreign direct investors in the course of the ongoing privatisation program.