Prior to joining the firm as Partner was a Partner in the firm of Anthony Placidus and Bernard, PC and was responsible for over 500 cases generating accumulated annual gross income of over $10million for the firm.

Amongst his numerous expertise are the review and analysis of discovery documents in financial services class action litigation and/or general litigation of class action cases. Carry out searches, review documents and preparation of deposition binders in very sensitive US Govt financial services cases.

Interview prospective associates and interns and assign and monitor work/assignments. Analyze legal decisions and/or opinions including administrative decisions/opinions. Management analyst for the firm.

Managed and maintain data security and client files especially as regards corporate confidentiality.

Worked as in house counsel to 5 private equity corporations with annual budgets totaling over $310M.

Direct litigative case management and organize cases for in court/administrative hearings and monitor the progress of pending cases.

Devise and handled complex contract negotiations and deal making for several multinationals in the US and also some corporations from Peru, St. Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago that contracted with one of my clients, Verizon and T-Mobile in re provision of tele-communication services in the various nations.

Arbitrator/Mediator, United States Federal Court/Arbitrator, New York City Civil Court.
As Arbitrator/Mediator hear, conduct and rule/decide in all manner of cases for the US federal courts. Cases ranging from medical malpractice, product liability, labour laws and employment issues, civil rights and discrimination matters, employer/employee disputes, carriage of goods by sea and shipping laws as it relates to air freights, personal injuries and insurance law and public service/federal government employment issues and/or matters.

Corporation Counsel/Corporation Secretary Company Secretary to various boards and management, Manage, contract processing including negotiations, open and sealed bidding contracts, mediating contract disputes.

The resolutions and collections for equipment sales and leases, commercial property acquisitions and leases.

Oversee staff recruitment, promotions and general management supervisions.

Reorganized operations and facilitate seamless integration of over 500 employees from new acquisitions with holding company.

Partner with the CEOs and Board of Directors to reorganize corporations, reduce overhead costs and institute solid management structures.

Implement multifaceted employee awareness program to help ensure that employees knew how to implement plans in the event of business disruptions. Process high volume contracts in short time frames and meticulously review each contract.

Direct and determine litigation and resolution strategies for cases involving corporations, prepare reports advising inter alia, CEOs, CFOs, COOs, Managing Directors and the Executive Directors in re the status of corporate legal matters. Manage personnel/administrative matters from hire through employee evaluation, promotion, discipline and/or disengagement. Plan, prepare and organize shareholders meetings (AGM) and double as Secretary to the Audit committee of varied corporations.

Mr. Amasike has taught numerous CLE, Continuing Legal education and Management Courses in the US on recent developments of the Law particularly on Constitutional law, Torts, Civil rights, Contracts, Labor law, Medical Malpractice, International Public Law and Conflict of Laws.


Discovery Radar and Lotus Notes. Internet and Saga, West law, Lexis-Nexis, Word Perfect, Microsoft Office, Power Point, Outlook, Excel, Word Publisher. Attenex; Ringtail; Amici; Concordance; Dochunter; Prevail; Summation.

Bar Admissions:

Admitted to the Nigerian Bar 1988,
The New York State Bar 1998,
The United States District Court: Eastern District of New York, 1998,
The United States District Court Southern District of New York 1998.
The United States Supreme Court 2002

Member IBA International Bar Association, UK
Member ABA American Bar Association. US
Member Nigerian Bar Association, Nigeria
Member NLA Nigerian Lawyers Association, New York
Member Lawyers Without Borders, LWOB