Prior to becoming a partner was formerly a Deputy Director and Head of Academics at the Nigerian Law School, the Head of Department of Litigation, a renowned writer and Constitutional lawyer, he holds a Masters degree in law. A Harvard trained Deal Design and Negotiation Specialist.

He has consulted on diverse projects including; Consultant/Legal Expert to UNDP/Viet Nam on Legislative Assessment of Draft Investment  law of Vietnam. Consultant/Legal Expert to UNDP/Viet Nam on Legislative Assessment of Draft Unified Enterprise Law. Project included an assessment of the Draft Unified Enterprise Law and Competition law of Vietnam, Senior Researcher -Domestication of the treaty on torture funded by the MacArthur Foundation.

He was a Legal Advisor/Consultant to the World Bank/DFID on Civil Service Reforms in Nigeria.

Member of the Board of Directors of Power Holding Company of Nigeria, he was the Project Manager for Power Sector Reform and a leading authority on power sector and infrastructure regulation. He is the first Certified Utility Regulation Specialist in Nigeria.

Mr. Ojukwu has published numerous articles internationally on the Enforcement of Fundamental Rights in Nigeria. He has participated in several workshops and seminars both locally and internationally.

He has also been a resource person for Human Rights Commission on several occasions. He has participated in several workshops and fora on anti-corruption both locally and internationally. In recognition of his outstanding scholarship he was invited by the State Department of United States of America to participate in a multi-regional project on the U.S.A. judicial system.

He has taught Civil Procedure and has research interests in, Corporate Finance and Governance, Electricity Law and criminal justice.

He is the author of several articles and books, including:

  • “Introduction to Civil Procedure” – Helen-Roberts 2002,
  •  “Practice and Procedure in Election Petitions” – Helen-Roberts 2003;
  • Ojukwu C. N, 1992 – “Ratification And Directors Breaches: Section 279 Denials” 1992 Justice Vol. 3, No.3& 4. (A Journal of the Federal Ministry of Justice) pg. 33 – 35,
  • Ojukwu C. N, 1993- “The Nigerian Law Reform Commission Two Decades of Activism” Insight, Journal of Nigerian Bar   Association, June 30 1993 Vol. 1 No 1 pg 30,
  • Ojukwu C. N, 1995- “Proceedings In Lieu of Demurer: A Judicial Misunderstanding”1995 AbiaStateUniversity Law Journal pg. 70-75,
  • Ojukwu C. N, 1996-  “Learning Law In a Third World Country- The Nigerian Experience” Academics Forum IBA Newsletter Vol.4, No 1 August, 1996, pg 6,
  • Ojukwu C. N, 1999- “Enforcement Of The Memorandum And Articles Of Association As a Statutory Contract” 1996 Nigerian Current Law Review. (A journal of the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies) pg. 159-182,
  • Ojukwu C. N, 1999- “Grounds Alleging Misdirection and Error in Law: Emecheta v. Ogueri&Nteogwujia v. Ikuru- Conflicting Rulings of The Court of Appeal Port Harcourt Division”. 1999 AbiaStateUniversity Law Journal Vol. 6 No. 1 pg. 77-82,
  • Ojukwu C. N, 2000- “Enforcement of The African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights as a Domestic Law in Nigeria” International Legal Practitioner Vol. 25 No.4 A Journal of the IBA pg.140-143,
  • Ojukwu C. N, 2002- “Attempts Law: The Nigerian Perspective” Criminal Law Forum (Kluwer Academic Publishers), Vol. 13, No. 2, 2002, Pg. 225-244,
  • Ojukwu C. N, 2004- “Arrest and Detention of Ships and Other Property InNigeria” Tulane Maritime Law Journal Vol. 28 Summer 2004 No. 2.

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The Nigerian Bar 1989.

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Member IBA International Bar Association

Member Nigerian Bar Association, Nigeria